Turn your food
waste into profit

Deligate® offers innovative tools that helps you track and sell out short-date products in ways you have never seen before.

Smart expiry
date tracking

Make sure you spend minimal time checking expiry dates – and never sell an expired product again.

Some of our


One solution fits all

Our system Deligate Store® uses best-practice to provide a safe and time efficient way to do date checking, to make sure you find all products that are about to expire in time. Using Deligate, you can make sure that all products are sold or donated in time, and that all your surplus food is turned into profit.

✓ Reduce food waste

✓ Save time

✓ No expired food

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Deligate Store

Is an application that will give you and your co-workers an innovative tool to see which specific products that are about to expire. Deligate Store® will keep track on all the expiration dates and make sure that nothing expires.

Deligate Deli

Deligate Deli is a digital journal. Use it in your deli counter to see which products you have opened, when you opened them and when they expire. With Deligate Deli® you’ll make sure that all the products stays fresh and that your costumers always leaves the store with tasty delicacies.


MyPrint lets you to print new price labels for items you want to mark down. It comes in very handy when a product is about to expire.

And hey! It is connected to Deligate® which makes it even easier.

A couple of nice words from our users

  • Super-easy, time-saving and we waste a lot less than we did before. Just great in every way.

    Store Owner ICA
  • We check a maximum of ten items a day, and yet we can be absolutely sure that we never have expired products on the shelf.

    Department Manager Coop Konsum

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