The smartest way to reduce food waste in your store

Prevent food waste by tracking products that are close to expiring. Used in more than 320 stores. Try for free.

Which business are you working in?

Grocery Store

For those who run a grocery store such as Coop, Tesco, Edeka etc.

Pet Store

For those who sell dry food, candy or other animal articles that have an expiration date.

Mini Store

For those of you who run a small shop with food retail, such as 7-eleven, Circle K etc.

One solution, fits all

Regardless of your age, the size of your store, if you’re selling groceries or pet food Deligate will help you reduce your food waste.

Our solutions

Deligate Store

Is an application that will give you and your co-workers an innovative tool to see which specific products that are about to expire. Deligate will keep track on all the expiration dates and make sure that nothing expires.

Deligate Deli

Deligate Deli is a digital journal. Use it in your deli counter to see which products you have opened, when you opened them and when they expire. With Deligate Deli you’ll make sure that all the products stays fresh and that your costumers always leaves the store with tasty delicacies.


MyPrint lets you to print new price labels for items you want to mark down. It comes in very handy when a product is about to expire.

And hey! It is connected to Deligate which makes it even easier.

A couple of nice words from our users

  • Super-easy, time-saving and we waste a lot less than we did before. Just great in every way.

    Store Owner ICA
  • We check a maximum of ten items a day, and yet we can be absolutely sure that we never have expired products on the shelf.

    Department Manager Coop Konsum

I can’t get enough, please contact

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Then who is Deligate?!

Deligate was founded in 2016 with a vision to build the best solutions to lower food waste in grocery stores. Way too much food is thrown away due to expiration. The main reason for this is simply because the expiration dates is really hard to keep track on. This is a problem that just shouldn’t exist.

In a perfect world, none of the food we produce gets thrown away. Deligates goal is to do our very best in the area where we know that we can make a difference. Our hope is that Deligate could help us to come just a little bit closer, too that perfect world.
Looking back, we’ve done a lot. But we want to do more. A lot more.

Today more than 320 stores of different shapes and sizes is helping us with these visions.

We’re inviting you to do the same.


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