About us

Deligate AB

Olaigatan 17C, 703 61 Örebro

+46 19-277 29 87
[email protected]

Deligate was founded in 2016 with a vision to build the best solutions to lower food waste in grocery stores. Way too much food is thrown away due to expiration. The main reason for this is simply because the expiration dates is really hard to keep track on.

This is a problem that just shouldn’t exist.

In a perfect world, none of the food we produce gets thrown away. Deligates goal is to do our very best in the area where we know that we can make a difference. Our hope is that Deligate could help us to come just a little bit closer, too that perfect world.

Looking back, we’ve done a lot. But we want to do more. A lot more

Today more than 500 stores of different shapes and sizes is helping us with these visions.

We’re inviting you to do the same.