Let’s say farewell to disposable cups

Being a friend of the environment should be rewarded, at least that’s what Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven in Sweden thinks. They now encourage their costumers to bring their own coffee cups. As a reward [...]

Ica sets goal to reduce food waste with 50%

When Deligate was founded in 2016 we set a goal. We wanted to provide our users with solutions that would help them to reduce their food waste with at least 50% within five years. Since then, [...]

Best before? Arla presents their new date marking

The environment concerns more and more people each day which results into action. Many of us are making big or small adjustments to our everyday life to help make difference towards a greener [...]

How to take care of your cutting board

Usually, in a kitchen, you won’t be surprised to find one or more cutting boards. Normally they’re made of wood, plastic or sometimes of stone or even glass.  Regardless the material it’s [...]

Cook it or throw it away?

Sifo recently published a report, listing the most common products that ends up in the garbage even though they’re perfectly eatable.  So we decided to share a few recipes that can be useful if [...]

To fly, or not to fly?

In Sweden, there is a word for those who feels shame for flying. It’s called ”flygskam” and this word is now used in Sweden on a daily basis. So let us take Sweden as an example. The average [...]

How do we actually deal with expiration dates?

Best before or Use by? Did you know that 1/3 of all the food produced gets either lost or thrown away. Meanwhile 800 million people is undernourished and don’t have enough food to lead a healthy [...]