Wow, what a bean!

Sales of vegetarian food alternatives have increased in recent years and new great substitutes for meat are emerging all the time. That’s great, but is it enough? Elin Röös, assistant [...]

Good hygiene – Less food waste!

Good hygiene in the kitchen reduces the risk of spreading bacteria that can give you food poisoning. In addition, the food lasts longer which means reduced food waste! Perfect, let´s go and wash [...]

Sustainable love on Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentinus has been celebrated since the end of the 400s within the Catholic Church. The romantic connection originated in 13th century England and France. Valentine’s Day became a [...]

Reduce disposable items

Last year, the European Parliament agreed on a new law banning certain disposable plastic products in the EU from 2021. These include, for example, plates, cutlery and cotton swabs. Disposable [...]

Eco-friendly vs. climate-smart

Environmentally friendly and climate-smart, two words you would like to be associated with, right? But what do the words mean, what is most important and what is the difference? Can you be both [...]

Best before – good after!

Best before date & Last day of consumption In Sweden we use two different date lables for food. The best before date is a quality label that indicates how long the manufacturer can guarantee [...]

Handle food waste in stores

Food production affects our environment to a great extent, but even worse is when the products are being wasted without any benefit at all. Food waste means food that is thrown away even though [...]

Mushroom coffee, cheese tea and Swedish wasabi

Trendspotting 2020 For the 16th time Food & Friends has predicted trends for the year to come. 2020 has a lot to offer – How about “food wrapped in food”, Taiwanese cheese [...]

How to eat more environmentally friendly!

Do you, like us, find it difficult to know what you should and should not put in your shopping cart? There is a whole bunch of us who wants to try to eat more environmentally friendly, but it is [...]

Climate-smart New Year’s promises

Soon we will enjoy Christmas and New Year’s. Before the holidays we would like to thank you for a fantastic 2019 and we look forward to a new year. We ended 2019 with a move to new [...]

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