Best before? Arla presents their new date marking

The environment concerns more and more people each day which results into action. Many of us are making big or small adjustments to our everyday life to help make difference towards a greener planet. 

Big companies are starting to pick up on this and recently Arla, the biggest producer of dairy products in Sweden and Denmark, launched a whole new way of marking the ”expiration dates” on their products. 

On their new packages, right below the ”best-before marking”, Arla have now added ”but usually fine after” 

The reason for this is to inform and remind consumers that the products usually is perfectly eatable (or drinkable) even though they’ve passed their best-before marking.

At Deligate we think this is very a responsible move by Arla. We hope that this action can inspire others to do the same!

(if you’d like you can read our postHow do we actually deal with expiration dates?Just click the link) 

So for how long can milk actually stay fresh?

Storage is the key here. Make sure to keep the milk chilled and always put it back in the fridge as soon as you’re done with it. 

Milk should always be stored in a fridge and never in a temperature above 8°C (46°F) 

So even if the ”best before marking” exists, try to avoid looking at it and make your own decision whether it’s drinkable or not by looking, smelling and tasting it. Good luck and thank you for reading!

En skärbräda mot en granitbakgrund fylld med godsaker som brieost, en skål med valnötter, honung och mackor.