Cook it or throw it away?

Sifo recently published a report, listing the most common products that ends up in the garbage even though they’re perfectly eatable. 

So we decided to share a few recipes that can be useful if you’d like to take care of these products instead of throwing them away.

  1. Bread

You can turn left over bread into a lot of things one of them being croutons. Just cut it into pieces and put it in the oven until it gets crunchy. 

Add some salt or olive oil if you’d like. 

The croutons can be poured over your sallad or maybe in your soup? 

If you’re not a fan of croutons you can put them in your blender and mix it. 

Then you’ll have breadcrumbs. Perfect for baking! 


Have some left over cucumber? 

Make a tzatziki out of it! Just add some yoghurt, olive oil and spices. Delicious! 

3.   Bananas 

When life gives you bananas that turns brown, make banana pancakes! 

Don’t worry, it’s super easy! 

Flygplan - Flygskam -SvinnEn skärbräda mot en granitbakgrund fylld med godsaker som brieost, en skål med valnötter, honung och mackor.