Ica sets goal to reduce food waste with 50%

When Deligate was founded in 2016 we set a goal. We wanted to provide our users with solutions that would help them to reduce their food waste with at least 50% within five years. Since then, discussions regarding food waste have increased significant and today, society is more aware than ever about the carbon emissions created by the food industry. Ica, Swedens biggest chain of food retailers, have now announced that they aim to dimidiate their food waste by 2025.

More and more companies are working to implement sustainability plans in their businesses. Whether it’s a global or a small local company, showing care for the environment is good PR and even more, good for our planet.

Ica hopes that their actions in this matter will inspire other big companies to follow them and do the same. Grocery stores who’s working with different solutions for lowered food waste is giving their costumers a signal that they care about these issues and that they’re working hard to counteract them. And costumers likes that!

It’s now more important than ever to take responsibility when it comes to our environment. If Ica can do it, we all can. Identify the problems and find solutions for them, at Deligate, we’re proud to be one of these solutions.