Lowering food waste with digital solutions is pretty hot right now!

Welcome to Deligate HQ! 

In our office located in Centralpalatset, Örebro, Sweden our co workers are doing their very best to create an even better Deligate. A wide selection of different personalities works here but they all have one thing in common, they love to do the work they’re doing! 

Since Deligate was founded in 2016, a lot have happened. More employees, new offices and a lot more stores connected. Lukas Wallströmer, one of the founders, is now working as sales manager. A job he has been growing into.

”As sales manager my job is of course to make sure that our company has a steady growth. For me it’s important that we grow and become even bigger and better in the areas where we’re already strong but also that we never back down from finding new ways to spread Deligate into other markets.

I know that our solutions can be very useful in a lot of different areas and not just in grocery stores” 

There are a few other companies offering similar solutions as Deligate, what’s your take on that? 

Sure, there are a lot of different companies working with solutions to reduce food waste and for me, that’s a good thing! 

Digital solutions for lowered food waste is more popular now than ever before so for me it’s fully understandable that other companies wants to get involved as well. Together we’re building awareness and an even bigger demand for these types of systems

Do you have any suggestions for the public on how to reduce food waste?

Of course I do! There are many ways of doing that. As a starter; keep track on the food you already bought and take care of it before buying more. Also, plan you grocery shopping. For example; make a weekly menu before you go shopping. In that way, you’ll know what you need to buy and what you’ve already got at home.

Another way of reducing food waste is to buy products that has been marked down due to its expiration date. If you’ll be cooking it the same day or the day after, it dosen’t really matter when it expires right? 

Ask your local grocery store about how they’re working to reduce their food waste. Maybe they’re using Deligate or a similar system? If not you can always tell them to contact us 😉 

Thank you Lukas!