Mushroom coffee, cheese tea and Swedish wasabi

Trendspotting 2020

For the 16th time Food & Friends has predicted trends for the year to come. 2020 has a lot to offer – How about “food wrapped in food”, Taiwanese cheese tea and mushroom coffee?

Preface from ”The woke up call – Food & Friends trendspotting 2020”:

Many of the changes made within food and beverage are good: Reducing environmental impact. Improving packaging. Taking care of waste. Developing it’s physical and mental impact. But it’s not enough. Expectations continue to be elevated, now also with a focus on social issues: How can what we eat make a difference in other people’s lives? The answer is on your plate, in the form of new ingredients, unexpected techniques and a renewed focus on the local. Our choices concerning food and beverage could be a part of the solution. Time to wake up to new standards in the food world.

Food Halls

The idea of ​​several different restaurants gathered in the same room is not new per se, but the concept has been upgraded and predicted to develop even more. In Food Halls you can expect restaurant level on your visit. The food, the drink, the china and the glasses, everything should feel “on spot”.

Asian food

The Asian food trend continues to grow. Japanese curry, Chinese Bings, Steamed Rice Rolls and Filipino cuisine are some of the new trends. In addition, it is time to learn to drink cheese tea*!

*Cheese tea – cold tea topped with cream cheese, cream, milk, sugar and salt whipped to a fluffy foam.

Take away

We like to eat on the go and a big trend to make it easier to have your food in a more environmentally friendly way is to roll the food, “Food wrapped in food” means you just need a napkin to have your meal on the go.

Do good

What we eat equals one third of our climate impact. Environmental issues continues to be important around food trends, but social issues are also important to work with. In addition to climate and environmental issues, companies are increasingly expected to act on social issues, “to do good”. In the restaurant and retail world we find many examples of helping people in need.

Locally produced products

In the Food Report of 2019 from Food & Friends, it turns out that local produce is the most important factor when we shop. Farmers have begun to experiment with crops that are not usually seen as Swedish. How about pasta, sweet potato, quinoa or wasabi from Sweden?

Restaurants and bars are becoming more and more interested in locally produced ingredients. There is a long history of offering local delicacies. But stores now also show interest, not least when it comes to fresh meat.

New ingredients on the plate

We are constantly looking for variety and are increasingly seeking alternatives for meat as a source of protein. One of the ingredients we will see more of is mushrooms. Many Asian kitchens already use mushrooms as a basic ingredient. We can expect mushrooms in all it’s forms, even in coffee!

You may have heard of mushrooms in coffee already, it has become a quite large trend in the United States already. Now the phenomenon is predicted its impact even in Swaden. The mushroom is full of antioxidants and has several positive health effects.

Protein produced from almost nothing

Finnish Solar Foods has created a process whereby protein is extracted from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. The product is called Solein and is scheduled to begin production in 2021. Protein produced from almost nothing, wow!


Read the full report from Food & Friends here: The woke up call – Food & Friends, trendspotting 2020.