To fly, or not to fly?

In Sweden, there is a word for those who feels shame for flying. It’s called ”flygskam” and this word is now used in Sweden on a daily basis.

So let us take Sweden as an example. The average Swede flies once a year. This figure had doubled since the ´90s which means that the carbon emissions, due to airplanes, has increased with 46% (from 1990 to 2017)

From 7 million tonnes to 10 million tonnes. 

Below, I have listed a couple of facts regarding air travel to give you some perspective on how to deal with your ”flygskam” if you have any! 

  • In Sweden, the carbon emissions produced yearly by air travellers is almost as high as the emissions produced by motorists during that same period of time. 
  • During long haul flights, the emissions increases even more since the plane flies at a higher altitude.
  •   In 2018, the Swedish government introduced a special tax-system for passengers traveling by airplane. 
  •   On average, Swedes travel by air almost five times as much as the global average. 
  •   If a family of four travels from Stockholm to Bangkok with air plane, their combined carbon emission will be 11,2 tonnes.

Feel any ”flygskam”? There are a lot of ways to make our planet greener and help reduce the carbon emissions. One of them could be to skip the air plane once in a while and take a bus or the train. 

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