Mini stores

What is Deligate Mini Store?

Deligate Mini is our offer to you who’s running a smaller store of any kind. Like a convenience store or a store at a gas station. Deligate Mini will keep track on all the products in your store and their expiration dates. If something is about to expire, Deligate Mini will let you know!

With Deligate Mini, there’s no need to put in endless hours to check the expiration dates on all the products in the store.


MyPrint is our smart printer that lets you print new price labels for products that you want to mark down the price on due to its expiration date.

MyPrint can be connected directly to Deligate Mini which makes the process of printing your labels even more simple.

3 reasons to use Deligate

Reduced waste = increased profit

No more expired products on the shelves

30 days free-trial-period