What is MyPrint?

MyPrint lets you to print price labels for items you want to mark down. It comes in very handy when a product is about to expire.

It’s very simple! MyPrint is a smart printer that you can connect to a regular smartphone.

When connected, you can print new labels to mark down products that are about to expire.

The labels comes in different styles but we’ll be happy to help you design your own if you wish.

MyPrint can be used by anyone with any smartphone but if you’re Deligate-user, you can print your labels directly from Deligate. Really clever don’t you think?

3 reasons to try MyPrint

  1. Easy to use. Just connect it to a smartphone or to Deligate and you’re good to go!
  2. 50% cheaper than similar solutions
  3. Design your own labels if you want. It’s always nice to put your own touch into things right?