Top 20, most price reduced products 2018

We decided to put together a Top-20 list of the products that has been price reduced the most through our systems in 2018. Enjoy! In this you’ll see which products that has been price reduced [...]

Hemköp <3 Deligate

Hemköpskedjan AB takes more action against food waste and starts collaboration with Deligate. ”It’s very honourable to get the opportunity to work with Hemköp on these types of issues. Hemköp is [...]

Deligate starts collaboration with Ripple Africa

We are super excited to announce that we’ve started a collaboration with Ripple Africa. For us, it’s important to give back to our planet and our way of doing that from now on is to finance [...]

Norrsken Awards

Deligate has been nominated for ”NorrskenAwards”. This means that Deligate is considered to be in the top 100 amongst the most successful impact start ups in the Nordic countries. The award is [...]

Løvbjerg <3 Deligate

Today, we can proudly announce yet another big collaboration, this time with the Danish supermarket chain Løvbjerg Supermarked. Løvbjerg Supermarked is one of Jyllands biggest supermarket chain [...]

Launching Deligate Native

Today we are proud to announce that we’ve launched our brand new native app which is now available in Google Play. Deligate Native is faster and can be used offline if needed. It also comes with [...]

Introducing MyPrint

Starting today, we are now offering you a whole new system to manage products that you want to mark down, we call it MyPrint. MyPrint is our smart printer, connected to Deligate. This means that [...]

Coop Nord <3 Deligate

”The app makes it easier to take care of all the food in our store. It’s also better from an economical standpoint and of course for the environment” – Faouzi Makso, Store Manager at Stora [...]