Hemköp <3 Deligate

Hemköpskedjan AB takes more action against food waste and starts collaboration with Deligate.

”It’s very honourable to get the opportunity to work with Hemköp on these types of issues. Hemköp is one of the bigger supermarket chains in Sweden and we’re sure that this collaboration can do a lot for their stores, and for the environment” – Adam Vikström, CEO

Deligate Deli was created to help secure the quality of the products in deli counters and also to help reduce food waste. Deligate Deli is a system that gives the store an easy way to document all the products that are taken out of their sealed original packaging and placed in the deli counter. It gives the store a very clear overview of all the products that are in the counter and lets the staff know when something is about to expire.

Deligate Deli is now being installed in all Hemköps 58 non-franchise  stores around Sweden.

hemkop deligate
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