Submits EP-application for The Waste Discount

The Waste Discount, which allows customers to lower the price of products with short dates on their own, is now available in 85 Swedish grocery stores, and is being tested by chains in Denmark, Finland and Belgium. Due to the high demand, we now choose to proceed with an EP application for the concept for the whole of Europe.

“We try to keep up with demand,” says Adam Vikström, CEO of Deligate. – There is a great deal of interest in this technology and in the last three months we have tripled the number of stations in store.

The number of consumers who use the technology is growing steadily every month and among the stores that have succeeded best, there are about 500 opportunities per month.

We have worked in several ways to inform consumers about the concept, for example with a new commercial series that runs on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. In store, we work to educate the consumer about the type of goods that are often allowed to be reduced/wasted.

– The vision is that in three to five years this will be a standard in all grocery stores, says Adam Vikström.