Pet stores

What is Deligate?

Even pet products can expire. Therefore, we’ve developed Deligate Pet Store. With our solutions, created especially for you who works in a Pet Store, you can always be sure that the products you’re selling are within their expiration dates.

The system notifies you when a specific product is about to expire. With this method, you don’t have to check the expiration dates on all the other products that aren’t close to expire. Deligate Pet Store can be used on all products, labeled with an expiration date meaning that you’ll sell expired cat food or dog shampoo, ever again.

Deligate Pet Store will give you total control of all your products and their expiration dates. Meanwhile, you will lower your waste, save a lot of time and ensure the high quality of the products you’re selling.

3 reasons to use Deligate

Reduced waste = increased profit

No more expired product on your shelves

30 days free-trial-period